William Abel TEAGUE, Sr. (RIN: 223), son of Edward "Ed" TEAGUE and Susan SMITH , was born 1693 in Teggs Delight, Cecil County, Maryland. He married Isabella LOFTIN 1714 in Cecil County, Maryland. He died 1775 in Rowan or Chatham County, North Carolina.

Isabella LOFTIN (RIN: 224) was born 19 December 1693 in Musketta Creek, Old St. George Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland. She died 1762 in Rowan or Chatham County, North Carolina.

Children of William Abel TEAGUE, Sr. and Isabella LOFTIN are:
1. Moses TEAGUE (RIN: 217), b. 03 March 1718 See Moses TEAGUE, Sr. & Elizabeth LOFTIN

Notes for William Abel TEAGUE, Sr.:

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William Teague was born in 1693 in Connawangoe Creek, Cecil, Maryland. He died in 1775 in Frederick County, virginia. LDS records state he went from Cecil, Maryland., to Fred County, Virginia., to Rowan County, North Carolina. William Teague 10 Sept 1716 Cecil County, 100 acres in tract named "Teague's endeavour" listed in "Settlers of MD 1701-1730' by Peter Wilson Coldham) 1737 Cecil County, Maryland Wm Teague sold his land or property.

Frederick County, virginia He moved with his family to where he remained for 14 years. He acquired several tracts of land recorded in the Winchester Court House Virginia. As some of the sons became of age, they too acquired land. Teagues, Shephads, Morgans, Crawfords, Van Metres, Hites and others were identified with the Mecklenburg (now Shepher dstown) locality. This area was known as the "Hite-Van Metre" patents. Wm Teague settled on the Hite-Van Metre lands: His property was a part of a 300 acres tract, then in Orange County, granted to Richard Pendell, 3 Oct. 1734.
88 acres of the 300 sold to him by Pendell on a branch of the " Shenandore" River, called the " Cattail Branch" 121 acres from James Brown "lying on the south side of the Cohongoluta River, (Potomac River above its confluence with the Shenand oah) probably between Martinsburg and Mecklenburg 11 Oct. 1750, 145 acres gran ted by Thomas, Lord Fairfax. It is uncertain if he resided on any of them. A s mall stream, "Teague's Run", in the vicinity of Mecklenburg had its headspring on one of the old Teague properies. It empties into the Potomac near
Shephard stown.
From County records at Winchester, virginia 13 July 1744, Wm. Teague was the assignee of Jno. Baldwin. In 1751, Wm Teague prepared to emigrate to the Carol nas and sold his entire holdings of approx 500 acres in Frederick County,virginia: 13 June 1751 to Benjamin Sebastin, 88; 17 Aug 1751 to Elijah Teague, hiss on, 145 acres; 17 Aug 1751 to Robert Fulsham, 121 acres; 3 Oct.1751 o Abraham Teague 135 acres; 12 Feb. 1752 deeds of lease and release for 192 acres madeto Elijah and Abraham Teague by Wm Teague

Rowan County -California 1751 Wm came into North /Carolina with his two younger sons, Joshua, born California 1732, Wm Teague, Jr. 1733. They were the first of the clan to settle in North Carolina. In the next 6 years they we re joined by the other four sons, Rev. Edward, Moses, Abraham & Elijah & their families. All settled in Rowan County acquiring good tracts of land on Abbotts Creek. Conditions were suitable for progress and happiness. Within 15 years, this changed. 9 Jan 1761 #4918 Wm granted in Parish of St. Luke on North side of the Cattaba River. Wit: Jas Watson, Wm Reed. Examined by Tho Jones & W. Churton . Warrant dated 3 Apr 1752, surveyed 18 Feb 1753. The plat reads "tract of lan d in Anson Co"; the grant reads "sd land in Rowan Co" - Rowan was formed from Anson in 1753. (Lord Granville to; from Original records- North Carolina State Archives- R aleigh)" In North Carolina, prior to the Revolutionary War, there was considerable unrest because of the method of taxation & the collection of these taxes by the British Authorities. This brought on the " Regulator Movement.' The climax being the "Battles of Almance," 16 May 1771. Being inexperienced, the 4,000 Regulators were defeated by the British in a matter of hours. Those who were engaged in this conflict found it expedient to remove themselves from the jurisdiction of the local authorities to avoid reprisals. After this took place in North Carolina, the Teagues family began to move into South Carolina. Elijah Teague settled in Newberry County, South Carolina several years before some of the other brothers came in. Joshua Teague began to dispose of his land in North Carolina & on 10 July 1771, he purchased 250 acres on Bush Cr eek in Laurens County, South Carolina.
All this information except where indicated with ref# came from The Teague Family Memorial Association, Vol. 1, No.2. Where there are copies of wills and deeds.

Edward Teague(b.)1660 Teggs Delight,Cecil County, Maryland (d.)mar 9,1696 Cecil County, Maryland (m.) abt 1685 Susan Welch b.1663 (d.)apr 3, 1741 > William I Abel Teague (b.)aug 25,1695 Teggs Delight,Cecil County, Maryland (m.)1714 Isabell Loftin (b.)dec 19,1693 Baltimore, Maryland (d.)abt 1762 > Moses Teague(b.)mar 3,1718 Cecil County, Maryland (d.) abt 1799 Chatham County, North Carolina (m.)1737 Elizabeth Loftin (b).jan 1,1713 Frederick County, Maryland (d.)nov 12,1757 Chatham County, North Carolina > Isaac Newton Teague (b.)abt 1748 Frederick County, Maryland (d.)june 10,1824 Moore County, North Carolina (m.)abt 1779 Judith > Jacob Teague (b.)abt 1786 Rowan., North Carolina (m.)Unknown Nall > William Teague (b.)mar 20,1819 Chatham North Carolina (d.)mar 1,1882 Surry County, North Carolina (m.)may 26,1839 Anna Caviness (b.)abt 1820 Chatham., North Carolina > William Swaim Teague (b.)apr 26,1852 Carthage Town, Moore County, North Carolina (d.)sept 5,1931 Rockingham County, North Carolina (m.)aug 21,1871 North Carolina Mary Francis Durham( b.)dec 9,1851 Carthage Town, Moore County, North Carolina (d.)jan 21,1934 > Nora Francis Teague (b.)abt 1874 (d.)aug 9,1930 Leaksville(now Eden)Rockingham County, North Carolina (m.)1st. Hampton II Bynum Brown (b.)abt 1860 Mount Airy, Surry County, North Carolina (d.)mar 20 1897 (m.)2nd. abt 1902 William Early Seal(b.)abt 1879 Mt Airy,Surry County, North Carolina > Ronald I Earl Brown (b.)mar 18,1896 mt Airy,Surry County, North Carolina(d.)mar 6,1977 Eden,Rockingham County, North Carolina (m.)june 28,1916 Grace Thompson Washburn (b.)feb 25,1893 Eden,Rockingham County, North Carolina (d.) mar 17 1978 Eden, Rockingham County, North Carolina Children of Nora Francis Teague & William Early Seal William Seal, Elma Seal, Eugene Seal, Joseph Orville Seal, Richard Seal, Grace Seal, Child of Ronald Brown & Grace Thompson Washburn Ronald II Earl Brown (b.)aug 20,1923 Eden(Leaksville),Rockingham County, North Carolina d. may 27,1984 Chicago,Cook County,Illinois (m.)nov 28,1945 Berlin,Germany(during WWII both in Army) Hazel Juanita Morgan (b.)nov 26,1921 Etowah, McMinn County,Tennessee (d.)feb 17,2000 Sweetwater, Monroe County,Tennessee Child of Ronald I Brown & Hazel Juanita Morgan Gloria Leah Brown Izzi (b.14,1952(submitter)Sweetwater, Monroe County,Tennessee

Notes for Isabella LOFTIN:

Her last name is in question was her name Loftin or Pennington
Isabella Pennington, born 1697
Isabelle Loftin, born Dec 19, 1693.