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Anderson / Rials Genealogy Page

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June 18, 2014

Family Genealogy

Meg Rials and John Anderson

Introduction Our children's linage
Rials Family Anderson Family
Laudenslager Family Youngblood Family
USA & La Growth Maps Various Genealogy Links Access Web Societies we belong

Click here to go to Meg's webpage. Meg's page has professional and educational links! See what's going on in Mrs. Anderson's first grade class at J.B. Little Elem School in Arlington, Tx.
Click her picture to link to her webpage.
Click here to go to John's webpage. John's page has the NFL Dallas Cowboy, professional, & country music links!
Click his picture to link to his webpage.
Meg's parents are:
Grady Ford Rials & Meredith Jane Laudenslager.
Grady was a career US Army and relocated several times
through Meg's childhood.
Meg graduated from LaGrange High in Lake Charles, La in May 1969
and from La. State Univ in Baton Rouge, La in 1973
with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education
specializing in the primary grades. 
Her masters is from Univ. Texas at Arlington.
McNeese State Univ Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La. Univ Texas at Arlington
John's parents are:
J.D. Anderson. Sr. & Margaret Janae Youngblood.
John grew up in Shreveport and Blanchard, La

and graduated from Fair Park High in Shreveport, La in May 1967
and from McNeese State Univ. in Lake Charles, La in 1977
with a Bachelor of Science degree
in Math specializing in computing sciences.

LSU @ Shreveport LSU McNeese State University in Lake Charles, La.
Miss Gen Web Project; Walthall County  Our Rials are from
Jayess and Holmesville, Miss.
Meg's Aunt Theo Rials Bryan's research has provided, with her book "Holmes - Rials Memories" in 1982, most of the Rials, Schillings, Holmes, Kaigler and other ancestor information contained herein.
Ark Gen Web Project; Nevada County  Our Andersons are from
southwest Ark and northwest La.
John's Uncle Jack Anderson's ongoing research has provided most of the Anderson, Hoskins, Allen, Wallace, Teague and other ancestor information contained herein.
Penn Geb Web Project; Carbon County  Our Laudenslagers are from
Weatherly and Selinsgrove, Penn.
Meg's Aunt Martha Laudenslager Davis's research has provided most of the Laudenslager, Comfort, Cawley, Swaney, and other ancestor information contained herein.
La Gen Web Project; Natchitoches Parish  Our Youngbloods are from
Natchitoches Par, La.
John's Uncle James Dewey O'Brien's research has provided, with his book "Our Colonial Ancestors" in 1988, most of the Youngblood, Shackelford, Olive, Massey, Hickman, Knott and other ancestor information contained herein.  These Youngbloods meet for reunion the 2nd Saturday annually in Marthaville, LA.
Meg's dad's home was near Jayess in the southwestern part of Lawrence Co, Miss. on Hwy 44.  Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana My mother's home was near Marthaville in the western part of the parish on Hwy 120.  Click here to enlarge my favorite family picture... Click to see my favorite family photo! 


Our children's linage.

             /-- George Anderson
/-- John Thomas Anderson
/               \-- Mary White Hoskins
/-- John David Ande rson, Sr.
/               \               /-- William Hiram Allen
/                 \-- Mary Magdalene Allen
/                                 \-- Louvinia Viola Wallace
/--John David Anderson, Jr.       
/          \                                 /-- Jessie Wade Youngblood
/            \                 /-- Cecil Roy Youngblood
  /              \               /               \-- Sarah (Sally) Shackelford
  /                \-- Margaret (Janae ) Youngblood
/                                \               /-- William Thomas (Pete) Olive
      /                                  \-- Annie Evelyn Olive
  John David Anderson, III            \-- Myrticel Lee Carter  (2)
  Steven Thomas Anderson  
\                                                 /-- John M Rials
    \                                 /-- William Henry (Willie) Rials
\                               /               \-- Charlote (Lottie) Schillings  
\                /-- Grady Ford Ria ls
\              /              \               /-- Doctor James Holmes
\            /                \-- Martha (Mattie) Samantha Holmes
\          /                                \-- Sarah Ann Kaigler
\-- Meredith (Meg) Holmes Rials  
\                                /-- William Lincoln Laudenslager  
\                /-- Ray Victor Laudenslager
\              /               \-- Martha Jane Comfort
\-- Meredith Jane  Laudenslager
\               /-- Roney Dobias
\-- Grace Cawley
             \-- Mary Marie Swaney

These links are to the same detailed chart of our children
and ancestors but in different formats.
ancestors.doc ancestors.pdf ancestors.rtf
Get Adobe Reader 2006 (Ver. 16)

We've been using the Family Tree Maker genealogy software since 1992 to maintain my genealogy database and love it. It is simple and economic. Please email me if you have some database experiences you wish to share. Updated versions have been released yearly. I very much liked the 2006 version. I'm still investigating the latest 2011 version's custom reporting features. It seems to have less advanced capability than before...

Family Genealogy

(Click the pioneer covered wagon to access our family genealogy)
These WebPages were generated by the free UncleGED version 10.1 program available: Meg & John Anderson Family Genealogy


Gathering Leaves

Code Plex

"UncleGED is a free GEDCOM-to-HTML conversion tool....
not to be confused with a character in a very funny 1960's sitcom...
that was Uncle Jed Clampett, kin to the Bodine family... no relation."

I love UncleGED! From Family Tree Maker, I exported four GEDCOM files to separate directories, modified the index and a few other html files manually and was ready to publish to the web.
The generation is wonderful but not yet perfect. I'm in hopes the family children and personal facts can someday be sorted, but UncleGED has provided me with a quick and easy way to publish family genealogy independent of today's big ancestor and genealogy companies.
So here's my data for free! Please email me at with questions and comments.
These are various county, cemetery, and genealogy links to our ancestors.
If we're related, please contact me!  I'll add your site too.
Click the family name to reveal each row!

Selecting DNA Projects

There are some great DNA projects out there.  Several of my family members belong to some.  Follow these links: I recommend joining a DNA project, but there are several companies with separate projects from which to choose.  Review several companies, correspond with each project leader, and ask lots of questions.
  • Select a project where the leader and others are active!  Correspond at length before making your choice.  First get to know the people in the project.
  • Select a project where the leader is using DNA to support research, both yours and the project's research.  DNA without research or DNA justifying incomplete research will cause confrontations.  Granted, DNA will tell who is related to whom, but research will tell you how they connect.  Names on DNA groups are dependent upon sound research.  Avoid a project where the leader is not flexible and not considering the research and alternatives.  His research is just that, his research.  Be prepared to substantiate your research.
  • The minimal markers don't really provide much information.  Start with 37 or 67 markers and be prepared to escalate with more testing.
  • As siblings will have the same markers, strive to find a project where siblings can join without providing their own markers.

Various Old Maps

See how the Louisiana Parishes grew. See a short movie of the Growth of a Nation
See a short movie of the Growth of a Nation.
Get your volume controls ready, and Press Play to start the free movie.
Other movies are For Sale, but the free movie is great!
Spanish Florida 1670 - 1763 Spanish Florida 1670 - 1763 French Louisiana 1699 - 1763 French Louisiana 1699 - 1763
US Gen Web Would you like to know more of the state history, timelines, economy, people, places (with maps), etc?
Ark. County Formation Maps
(start with the [Play] option
Penn. County Formation Maps
(start with the [Play] option)
Miss. County Formation Maps
(start with the [Play] option)
La. County Formation Maps
(start with the [Play] option)
Encyclopedia Louisiana

Fall 2010 - Announcing the forthcoming publication of Gt Uncle James Dewey O'Brien, J.D.'s autobiography entitled:
An American Experience - The First Ninety-three Years
is available for order.  Click the title to link to the overview and order information!

Genealogy Organizations
USGenWeb Project by State USGenWeb Archives by State
John's Father ArkGenWeb Counties & Other Projects Little River County
Lafayette County
Nevada County
USGenWeb Projet, Arkansas Archives by County Little River County
Lafayette County
Nevada County
John's Mother LAGenWeb Parishes & Other Projects

Union Parish
Natchitoches Parish
Sabine Parish

USGenWeb Projet, Louisiana Archives by Parish

Union Parish
Natchitoches Parish
Sabine Parish

Meg's Father MSGenWeb Counties & Other Projects Lawrence County
Pike County
Walthall County
USGenWeb Projet, Mississippi Archives by County Lawrence County
Pike County
Walthall County
Meg's Mother PAGenWeb Counties & Other Projects Dauphin County
Snyder County
Cumberland County
York County
Dauphin County
Snyder County
Cumberland County
York County
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